Vision for ImogenART

imogenART was conceived for the display of artwork. The concept is that any original painting will have value to someone. Since artists are generally struggling, and because others might like the work that they discard, the idea was to put the two together. Buy an inexpensive original for your wall instead of a framed print!

Currently on display in the imogenART gallery are better paintings by Helen Field (1989-2001). Links are to sites that share the imogenART vision and to the websites of other artists.

If you would like to purchase or commission a painting, please contact the artist directly at

Helen Imogen Field MA(Oxon) MSc DPhil Resume/CV

Helen has received formal training in biochemistry, molecular biology and information technology and now practices programming, creating database-web-services to improve the rate of research into cancer. Art training was undertaken at the Art Students League of New York, where she studied with Alan Sherr, Hilary Holmes, Oldrich Teply and Hannaniah Harari.

Exhibitions include: New York Cornell Tri-Medical Complex Art Show, Gloucester Gallery (London), Biochemistry Department (University of Oxford), Croydon Art Society, Society of Women Artists.

Helen has undertaken works for theatre, portraits & still life.


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Contributions page

If you would like to make a donation of £5 for a play script or a software download from this site, please contact Helen at 20% of all payments are donated directly to a charity worker (alias Sergei) caring directly for HIV/AIDS orphans in Africa (see below).


Working in the Republic of South Africa, a tall, forceful diabetic in his fourties battles the disorder of rural Africa by caring for ever growing numbers of children made homeless by family death and prejudice through HIV/AIDS. AIDS is still regarded with suspicion and superstition in many countries. Sergei builds shelters which get stolen, cars get shaken to pieces on the unpaved roads, and electricity can make computer communication intermittent. Somehow each child is fed and each adult comforted. Doctors visit and the state sends more children: there is little that can be done, with few resources and the additional disease burden of tuberculosis. Sergei's community suffers from ‘too much death’ (children with HIV rarely survive long) and a huge turnover. And an amazing array of animals is there with them, a snake, ducks, cats sometimes a dog…

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