Two plays for London

Oz Hook (1998)
This play is pure child fantasy, where movie moguls put their heads together to combine The Wizard of Oz with Peter Pan. It was played by 17 young actors and a wonderful support staff, but could be performed by up to 22 children of various ages.

Africa, the Truth shall set you free (2001)
This second play is a comic 'edutainment' exploring the life and science of Sir Robert Bruce FRS, an unsung British hero. As well as being set in space, there are love and kids and bedtime stories, with ‘virtual reality’ pantomime cows as a top attraction. David Bruce was the first person ever to describe the trypanosome as the cause of African Sleeping sickness, which is, to this day, a killer in sub-Saharan Africa. Scientific links provide more material for those who are interested.